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Gothic Makeup

gothic makeup and fashion

glamorous gothic makeup
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The Gothic Makeup Community

Welcome to Gothic Makeup.


This community is for GOTHS. Please, do not bother posting if you are looking for normal, sweet, or anything but gothic makeup. (Variations of gothic styles will be accepted such as goth-esque rockabilly, deathrockers, classical makeup that flatters gothic style etc) PLEASE. We are just trying to keep this community for those people it's meant for and there are plenty of other makeup comms on LJ! :)

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♥Lurking isn't tolerated here, so if you don't intend to post please just watch.
♥Must be 16 or older to apply for a moderator position.
♥All posts must be on topic or related to makeup, no sales without mod permission.
♥You must use a lj-cut for all posts over a paragraph or with images. No exceptions.
♥A "preview image" may be outside cut but must be no larger than 180px height/wide.
♥Drama and snarky, bitchy comments will get you banned on the spot. End of story.
♥If you leave the community while in a contest or theme vote, your votes or entry is void.
♥No fakers or image stealers. You'll be reported to lj abuse team.
♥No hotlinking please, use something like tinypic.com if you must!
♥Be active in voting and posting! :D
♥When voting, please be honest. Don't lower your standards because it's a friend in contests.
♥When voting, please put your answer as the subject of the comment.
♥Don't get disheartened if you are critiqued. Take away what was said and do something about it.
♥No graphic nudity in photos will be accepted, and all adult/fetish posts must be tagged and under a cut.
♥Please no community/survey/website promos without moderator permission.
♥The word of a mod is the word of god.

♥ ♥ ♥

When submitting a post to this community there are some basic guidleines that need to be followed at all times.

Basic Guidelines:
1) All posts over a paragraph long must be under an lj-cut.
2) Posts with images must be under a cut with one image allowed to be displayed as a 'teaser'.
3) Teaser images must be 180pm by 180px maximum.
4) All images must be of decent quality so grainy webcam shots wont be acceptable- good webcam shots however...
5) If images are not your own credit must be provided, as is permission from the image owner.
6) Please use correct English and spell check all posts.
7) All posts must be on topic.
8) No one word or one sentence posts please.

Post Guidelines:
1) TAGGING: All entries must be tagged so that it's easy for us to find them in the future! Please use appropriate tags for your post from the following:

♥ Tutorial

♥ Question

♥ Introduction

♥ Link

♥ Event

♥ Contest Entry

♥(Product brandname eg: MAC, Napolen, rimmel etc etc)

♥ Style (Gothic, Classical, Steampunk etc etc)

♥ Hair


If you think of any others please let us know! Most tags are listed on the main page, the fewer we keep around the easier to navigate!:3

Contest/theme Guidelines:
1) Contest/theme rules must be followed as individually stated for each contest.
2) Only one entry per applicant unless otherwise stated.
3) Original images and makeup only please- no stealing.
4) A minimum of 5 images must be submitted for each contest/theme
5) Makeup SHOULD NOT be photoshopped apart from minor blemishes unless otherwise stated.

Tutorial Guidlines:
1) All tutorials must contain at least a few images with text instructions.
2) All images must be high quality and easy to see.
3) Instructions must be descriptive, clear and helpful.
4) Video tutorials may also be accepted.
5) All tutorials must be submitted in steps.
6) Tutorials must be placed under an lj-cut and can contain a teaser image.
7) Borrowed tutorials may be posted with creators express permission.
8) Links to tutorials must be approved by a moderator.

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Every month or so we will have a comunity theme, where members have the chance to submit photos or work they have done inspired by the communities current theme. It gives members a chance to show their creative side and flair.
Some times certain contests will be set for a theme.
Contests may also be run for prizes and winners will be chosen by members.

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Every so often a member of the community, person or 'thing' will be put into the spotlight and used as our community feature for the month.


PENDING! Need some inspiration! :D

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